Charity & Non-Profit Affiliations

Fabric Therapy is a proud supporter of Pink Strength and it’s initiatives since 2021. Nancy started by supporting her friend Kristian (30) during her initial breast cancer diagnosis and journey in the midst of the pandemic. Her background in healthcare lead her to ask all of the uncomfortable questions that others were afraid to ask or talk about. She felt that being able to communicate and talk about mental health is an important element in recovery. She also utilized her skills and knowledge in the sewing community to recommend and donate care packages to Kristian and other patients. 

Fabric Therapy has an established team of charity sewists who volunteer their time and talent to sew and contribute care items directly to Pink Strength.

We launched our first #pinkbox project boxes and online auction in 2022 w/ proceeds donated directly to charity.

Since then, Nancy has joined Pink Strength as a board member focusing on community outreach and product initiatives for post recovery care packages.

If you’d like to join our team of sewists:

Please join our Facebook group.

SD Colab is a non-profit makerspace and a team of volunteers dedicated to building community through providing a place to: take classes, build projects, & organize events. 

Fabric Therapy is pleased to partner with SD Colab by donating materials and supplies to help build the sewing program w/ quality products for sewists in the colab community. Nancy also works cohesively with the sewing community to collect ongoing donations as requested by the Colab team.